Magura HC1 Master Cylinder

The new Magura HC1 master cylinder is one of the best hand brake master cylinders on the market today. 

13mm works great on the Honda Grom, Kawasaki Z125, and supermotos. The 13mm also works great if you’re using the junction valve style handbrake (tap-in kit).

16mm works best for street bikes that use a dual caliper handbrake with a 4 piston caliper. 

13mm and 16mm are both in stock and ready to ship!

  • Newest Generation of Radial Clutch Master Cylinder from MAGURA powered with HCT - Hard Core Technology
  • MAGURA Hard Core Technology (HCT) - The fully patented braking technology from MAGURA reduces the internal friction within the master cylinder to improve the feeling at the lever. 
  • 70 degree Full Radial Design - pushrod and cylinder at a right angle to the handlebar results in decreased friction and more direct feel at the lever for improved controlled braking.
  • Full ABS Compatibility - MAGURA HCT is approved for continuous use with all ABS systems without loss of performance due to pressure compensation, also known as "ABS Kickback"
  • Advanced Secondary Seal Technology - The rear piston seal has been designed to prevent intrusion of air through secondary seal ingress. The advanced X-Ring seal design will eliminate this problem common on race bikes at higher speeds.
  • Reservoir and Mounting Bracket - The master cylinder is supplied with an external brake fluid reservoir (9 mL) and mounting bracket.
  • Brake Light Switch - Pre-installed brake or clutch switch and cable are included
  • German Made and German TUV Approval
  • Banjo Bolt - Single hole banjo bolt and crush washer are included

13mm clutch side = 2100489 (Stunt handbrake)

16mm clutch side = 2100457 (Stunt handbrake)

18mm throttle side = 2100453 (Front brake)




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