Brembo 16 RCS Master Cylinder

Brembo 16 RCS Radial Brake Master Cylinder (aka RCS 16) w/ folding lever

This is the clutch side (left side) and it is typically used for stunt rear handbrakes

This brake master cylinder has the RCS system, patented by Brembo, for adjustment of the lever center distance which allows you to obtain the ideal feeling between rider and bike. In just a few seconds using a simple screwdriver you can make the braking system more aggressive and reactive (18 mm) or softer and modulable (16 mm).

This model uses a 16 mm diameter piston and a folding long lever (LL)

Brembo uses only cutting-edge procedures in order to guarantee excellent operation and performance. In fact, the aluminum alloy brake master cylinder main body is obtained through forging and then machined with numerically controlled equipment.

RCS stands for Ratio Click System - this allows you to switch between two pivot points (16mm and 18mm) to achieve your desired feel on the lever. Switching between 16mm and 18mm, you'll hear and feel a click, hence the name. 

*Reservoir and hose not included - master cylinder only*

Please note: OEM brake fluid hose is usually 8mm, and the nipple on the 16RCS master requires 6mm hose. We highly recommend adding the 6mm Tygon hose and 15cc brake reservoir to go with this. 

Product code: 110.A263.50




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