Honda Grom Dual Caliper Bracket

Need a rear stunt handbrake for the Honda Grom? Look no further. 

Here is a stout handbrake bracket by Impaktech that allows you to run two calipers on the rear rotor. One caliper dedicated for the rear handbrake and one caliper for the footbrake. 

This bracket is designed to work on the stock rear rotor. The extra caliper needed is not included in this kit. Most 2 piston Brembo calipers will work on this bracket, such as the Brembo P32 (P32F) or P34 caliper. 

Dual cal bracket is available in raw silver and black anodized colors. Made from CNC billet aluminum. 

If you also need a brake line for this kit, it is located here:

Honda Grom 65" brake line for rear handbrakes

Fits all years:

2013 Honda Grom handbrake

2014 Honda Grom handbrake

2015 Honda Grom handbrake

2016 Honda Grom handbrake

2017 Honda Grom handbrake

2018 Honda Grom handbrake

2019 Honda Grom handbrake

2020 Honda Grom handbrake

2021 Honda Grom handbrake

2022 Honda Grom handbrake 

Need any other Honda Grom stunt parts? Email us if you can’t find what you’re looking for! 


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