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HoHey Designs Dual Caliper Handbrake - Yamaha

Yamaha Dual Caliper Handbrake Kit by HoHey Designs

Available for both stock rotor and big rotor applications (please specify at checkout)

You will need a 4 piston caliper to use for the handbrake caliper. These are most commonly found on the front brakes and preferably the right side (throttle side). The particular caliper needed is dependent on which bracket you select.

Please email us if would like help putting together your kit.

Items needed for a complete kit:

  • HoHey Designs dual caliper bracket
  • Caliper adapter (may or may not be needed dependent on bracket)
  • 80" brake line
  • Brembo or Magura master cylinder (we offer radial and non-radial versions)
  • Banjo bolts and crush washers
  • 4 piston caliper (not included in this kit)
  • Big rotor (optional)


R6R kit is only available in the big rotor option.  



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