New Breed

New Breed Honda Grom Subcage

Upgrade the rear pegs on the Honda Grom MSX125 with a solid subcage by New Breed Stunt Parts. These are also called rear stunt pegs. The subcage can also have a round bar built in (as shown on the second picture with the white subcage) for an additional $80. 

This subcage currently fits the following models:

2014 Honda Grom MSX 125 (MSX125)

2015 Honda Grom MSX 125 (MSX125)

2016 Honda Grom MSX 125 (MSX125)

2017 Honda Grom MSX 125 (MSX125)

2018 Honda Grom MSX 125 (MSX125)

Please allow 4-5 weeks for build time as New Breed Stunt Partsare custom made to order.

We also sell the Honda Grom Crash Cage - located here: New Breed Honda Grom Crash Cage


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