EK SRX-2 Chain

Available in Natural (gray) or Gold (+$10)

(Gold on the SRX-2 color is a subdued gold color, not bright gold)

520 pitch chains come with a clip-style (semi-press) master link

525 and 530 pitch chains come with rivet-style master links

Tensile strength:

  • 520 = 8,500 lbs/ft (up to 750cc motorcycles)
  • 525 = 8,800 lbs/ft (up to 900cc motorcycles)
  • 530 = 9,400 lbs/ft (up to 1,000cc motorcycles)

The SRX chains feature lightening holes on the side-plates for 3% weight reduction, reduced friction and Quadra X-Ring design which increases chain life from 1.5 to 2 times longer than a standard O-Ring chain.


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