EK MVXZ Colored Chains

EK MVXZ2 (which is the updated version of MVXZ) chain is available in the following colors:

Black, Gold, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Chrome.

Standard length of chain is 120 links. If you need a longer chain or aren’t sure how many links you’ll need, please email us. Chain pitch available in 520, 525, or 530. 

EK’s MVXZ2 Quadra-X Ring chain is the ideal replacement chain for any 1000cc street bike. Features like lightening holes in the sideplates, large-diameter pins, and friction-reducing Quadra-X Rings help ensure high-performance and up to 2 times increased wear life compared to a standard O-Ring chain.


  • For street use only
  • Max CC: Street- 1000
  • Tensile strength: 9300
  • Standard with rivet-type or clip-type (semi-press) masterlink


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