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Dominator Pro Shorty Clutch Cap

***We also sell the Impaktech EZ-pull clutch lever, which is located here:

Impaktech EZ pull clutch lever

***Currently sold out*** 

Replace your stock clutch lever with an EZ Pull clutch lever from Dominator Pro. It installs directly on top of the non-radial Brembo master cylinder, which is sold in our dual-fitting handbrake kits. 

The advantage of using a clutch cap instead of a stock lever or another brand of EZ Pull clutch lever is that it combines with the master cylinder, using one perch on the handlebar instead of two (one for the clutch, one for the master cylinder). Basically, this saves handlebar space for bikes using stock clip-ons. 

***Please note: This will not work on the radial handbrakes such as Brembo 16x18, Magura 13mm, Magura 16mm, etc. - only the Brembo non-radial 13mm (which is shown in the pictures)***

If you have questions regarding fitment, please feel free to email us for more information. 


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