Vortex Racing Sprocket Kit - 420 - Kawasaki Z125

Vortex Racing Complete Sprocket Kit - 420 pitch

Made with the highest quality 7075 T6 aluminum.

Color options for the rear sprocket include silver, black, red, and blue.

Available for Kawasaki Z125

The stock sprocket sizes (stock gearing) for the Kawasaki Z125 is a 14 tooth front and a 30 tooth rear, in a 420 pitch with 100 chain links.

The 420 chain is usually a gold color, not silver like the picture. Kit will come with a gold EK 420SH chain in 120 links. 

Please contact us if you need help deciding on what sprocket sizes to go with. We can help your Z125 do wheelies easier or have a faster top speed. 


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