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New Breed Honda Grom Crash Cage

New Breed Stunt Cage: Honda MSX125 GROM IRX4 (Shock Absorbing) - Fits on 14-21 Groms as well as 2022+ Groms 

Please note: The purple cage and red cage in the pictures reflect the updated Gen2 cage by New Breed Stunt Parts. 
The style of the white cage (Gen1) in the other picture has been discontinued. 

The New Breed IRX4 Crash Cages are the leaders in shock absorbing technology, with the ability to absorb over 2200 lbs upon impact. Their cages stand up to the test time and time again. Rather than the common coil spring applications found in many of competitors' designs, their dampening shock absorbers consist of a condensed memory foam, which allows for a hard impact and a minimized recoil. These cages have been under revision by some of the world's top riders for multiple years. Every component of the IRX4 (Impact Resistant Cage) consists of the highest grade materials to create the ultimate form of protection without sacrificing comfort or leaning capabilities. **MADE IN THE USA**

****Please note: This cage may not fit if you have an aftermarket exhaust. It is designed to work with the OEM exhaust and headers. If you have a question regarding fitment with a particular exhaust, please email us to confirm fitment****

This crash cage fits the following models:

2014 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125)

2015 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125)

2016 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125)

2017 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125)

2018 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125)

2019 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125)

2020 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125)

2021 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125)

2022 Honda Grom Cage MSX 125 (MSX125) new body style 

This is also the only brand of Honda Grom cage that does not bolt to the bottom of the engine. This design has proven to be more effective than any other brand of cage for the mini-bike market because you won’t be breaking engine mount tabs during a hard crash. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for build time as New Breed Stunt Parts are custom made to order.

All cages include Grade 12 hardware and slider tips. 
We also sell the Honda Grom Subcage located here: New Breed Honda Grom Subcage


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