Impaktech Subcage - Yamaha

Replace your stock rear pegs with a steel subcage by Impaktech.

What is a sub cage?

These are also known as rear stunt pegs. They bolt up using the factory bolt locations. They also help when dropping the bike on the side to a certain extent. Helps with rear peg stunts providing better support and strength than stock pegs.

Exhaust tab comes standard on all models

Currently available for Yamaha R3, R6, R6S, R6R, FZ07, FZ09, R1, MT07 (MT-07), MT09 (MT-09)

These are built-to-order subcages and can take 4-8 weeks for production due to high demand.

We also offer the Impaktech Adjustable Billet Subcage for certain models, which is located here:

Impaktech Adjustable Billet Subcage


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