Impaktech Subcage - Yamaha

Replace your stock rear pegs with a steel subcage by Impaktech.

What is a subcage?

These are also known as rear stunt pegs. They bolt up using the factory bolt locations. They also help when dropping the bike on the side to a certain extent. Helps with rear peg stunts providing better support and strength than stock pegs.

Currently available for Yamaha R3, R6, R6S, R6R, FZ07, FZ09, R1

These are built-to-order subcages and can take up to 4 to 6 weeks for production due to high demand.

Custom powdercoating colors (anything other than black) can take an additional 2 weeks

The Impaktech Steel Subcage has been discontinued for the following models:

03-05 R6, 06-10 R6S, 06-16 R6R

13-18 FZ07, 13-18 FZ09

15-18 R1

The Impaktech Adjustable Billet Subcage is located here:

Impaktech Adjustable Billet Subcage


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